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For over 40 years I worked in the medical profession, in numerous disciplines. I was also involved in my local church. Post-retirement we traveled in our caravan, and cared for homes and pets, throughout Australia and overseas.

Busy grandparents of 19, and great grandparents to 3 gives little time for adventures now, and I'm excited to put my energy into Community Outreach. The 'accidental birth' of Warm Blankets in early Covid, has provided me with the perfect means to enjoy my passion for sewing and to fulfill my genuine desire to support those in need.


My working life consisted of being a telephonist, being involved in-office procedures and being interested in food preparation.

I have been involved in volunteering for some 30+ years.

My interests are cooking, sewing, and crocheting.

My major interest is my family, daughter, son plus their spouses and four grandchildren.


I have been a Baptist Minister for some 40 years plus and spent most of that time in the Hunter.

Prior to that I was an Accountant and having retained my qualifications have been able to assist others in many different situations.

Consequently, being the Treasurer of WBFE Inc is an honour and pleasure –I am pleased to be able to be involved in something that brings joy and hope and comfort to people.

Married to Rosemary – we have two sons and four grandchildren – who are the delight of my life [isn’t that what every grandparent says?].


I have lived in Belmont most of my life. Retired 3 years ago and joined U3a. Started in the sewing group and began making blankets during COVID. I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren all residing in the area.


Hi my name is Roberta and I live in beautiful Eleebana. I have been married for 39 years and have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. My Nursing and Midwifery background combined with the 7 years I spent as a Diversional Therapist for those with memory loss, has allowed me to help and encourage those in my community. 

I love using my skills for opportunities such as the Know Your Bible Group based in Warners Bay and especially for WBFE where I continue to be creative, love life and have fun.


I have always wanted to volunteer and working on Warm blankets with Tonee was a great introduction. 

At present I oversee Distribution, which involves a lot of gathering blankets and sending them out to charities. In this I am thankfully supported by my husband Dave. 

We have 2 grandchildren and moved to Newcastle 30 years ago from Tamworth


Hi, my name is Ellie. I am a Graphic Designer by day and an Artist by night. As a teenager, I worked as part of the community helping to feed those in need and have since tried to continually help organisations such as RSPCA, WWF and World Vision. 


To use my graphic design abilities to help with WBFE seems a great use of my skills. ​


I am a recent addition to the WBFE Board. I have been assisting my wife Di, the Distribution Co-Ordinator, since the start of the year, In this capacity I have been able to see firsthand the wonderful work that WBFE does for those in need.

I am now retired but have over 40 years work experience in NSW Government. Over that time I worked at the DMR, RTA and NSW Transport in many locations around country NSW and in Sydney. I held many different position including senior executive roles in Finance & Administration and Procurement & Logistics.

I look forward to making a positive contribution to the WBFE Board and the ongoing success of WBFE.


Hi, I am Helen.

I guess my whole life has been wrapped around my religious beliefs and my church family and as an offshoot of that I learned that giving and helping other people was what I loved. In my late 20s I was in Colombia helping with our Mission Group where I saw first-hand what it was like to live in poverty but oh how welcoming and giving those people were.


I organised a ladies' group to make up Days for Girls packs which we used to send to Tanna and Kenya but unfortunately, Covid put a stop to that group. Warm Blankets filled that gap when I left my home and moved into a Retirement village. You do not realize sometimes how many people in Australia need physical help and I am very happy to be part of that.


My hobbies are sewing, knitting, crocheting, singing, crafts and a little bit of cooking.  

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