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If you would like to donate to a great cause please use the details below.

Your donation will help Warm Blankets for Everyone support the most vulnerable people in our local communities.

BSB: 650 000

ACC: 542 185 206


Warm Blankets For Everyone (WBFE) needs to fundraise to raise money to allow it to provide blankets for people in need.

For our charity to carry out its work it needs to have sufficient money to pay for;

- Materials to make blankets, that is fleece, cotton, pins, etc.
- Essential ongoing costs, like electricity, insurance, sewing machine repairs, etc.

WBFE has a Fundraising committee comprised of five enthusiastic volunteers. We get together each month to discuss fundraising ideas and organise our next event. The Committee is made up of, Roberta, Helen, Kay, Chris and Rebecca. Our Committee members have raised money in the past for Ronald MacDonald House, for Scouts going to a Jamboree, for the Samaritans and for the Baptist Church. As well as making blankets our volunteers make handmade items for sale.

In the past money has been raised by:

- Carrying out Bunnings BBQ’s.
- Selling handmade items, like masks, dog coats, table runners, quilts, yoga bolsters, storybook pillows, bowl cosies, etc.
- Being part of Warners Bay Christmas markets to sell our handmade items.
- Running raffles.

In 2022, WBFE will be carrying out the following fundraising events;

- Bunnings BBQ at Bennett’s Green.
- Rotary Lake Mac Autumn Fair in April to sell our handmade goods.
- High tea with entertainment included.
- Living Smart festival in September to sell our handmade goods.
- Selling Christmas puddings.
- Warners Bay Christmas market stall in December.

Our handmade goods will be advertised for sale on our WBFE website and Facebook page.

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